About Rocky Mountain Performance Mopar

Rocky Mountain Performance Mopar (RPM) is a non-profit organization formed in 1976. RPM is dedicated to the preservation and operation of Chrysler Corporation vehicles. Monthly club meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at Sierra Pacific Windows Warehouse, 635 East 52nd Ave., Denver, CO 80216. Meetings start around 7:30 P.M. Members are strongly urged to attend and be involved.

RPM is open to all persons of good character who love and care for Chrysler products. Yearly membership dues are only $35.00 per person. As a member of RPM you will receive a monthly newsletter with free classified ads in the newsletter, a discount on parts and paraphernalia. You may also attend club functions as well as show off your Mopar. Non-members may place an ad in the newsletter for a $5.00 fee.

Rocky Mountain MoPar
5390 Lincoln Street
Denver, CO 80216-1933